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let your imagination fly

25 November 1988
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Hello, minna!

I'm here to have an own journal and to disguss about mangas animes, and anything that comes to mind.Aside from being a personal journal, I want to get to know others with similar obsessions, tovards the japanese culture (including their comics and cartoons).

I love to draw and actually had my own manga published in a Hungarian anime magazine. I'm planning to publish more works as I want to at least keep it a life-long hobby aside from some real work, since I know I can't get enough money for it.

I'm a total animanga nerd, with a decent number of mangas bought. =3 I have a collection of fox plushies, and I'm proud of them though I'm in my twenties. xD I'm a bit of a tomboy, and playing games on my Playstation is how I spend my time when I'm bored, exept if I'm drawing some nasty and ugly fanarts or my own manga.

So hi, nice to meet you!!! <3

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